Demand Forecasting

Logile’s Demand Forecasting solution goes well beyond methods like moving averages and exponential smoothing and includes recent advances made in statistical learning and pattern recognition. 

Union PacificLogile’s solution offers us the opportunity to ask ‘What if’? for various possible scenarios, in response to points of congestion, or unplanned events. The solution also tracks and records post-evaluation feedback regarding what was planned vs. what reallly happened and is used for reference, trend analysis, and reports, permitting managers to determine the quality of execution, adherence to the primary plan and quantification of plan exceptions.

Mike M. Connolly

Senior AVP - Network Integration and Scheduling, Union Pacific Railroad


Our forecasting application supports all time intervals, from short-term: intra-day to day to week to mid-term: four week period to month to quarter to long-term: annual to multi-year.



Our forecasting solution supports forecasting elements such as sales, SKU, individual and consolidated UPCs, consolidated sub categories, categories, etc. We also support a proprietary and unique Demand Forecasting Workbench™ that provides extensive “what-if” modeling with analytics and graphs of forecasts versus actuals and common and consistent performance metrics across business areas.


The Workbench can automatically select the best model and optimize the parameters for a large number of elements.


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