Time and Attendance

An accurate, compliant time and attendance system is imperative. Our Time and Attendance module allows you to configure pay, attendance, benefit and time keeping rules, governmental regulations and your business defined policies, ensuring compliance and consistency.

Price ChopperWith Logile’s complete solution, we will have a closed-loop workforce and execution management solution that covers the full labor management spectrum, from understanding our labor requirements, to planning and scheduling, to monitoring execution, to responding to changing business conditions, all in real-time.

David Golub

Vice President of Store Operations, Golub Corporatio


Integrates with your existing time clocks, and also with any internet capable device, including VoIP enabled telephones, giving you and your team flexible time entry options.


Supports organizations with multiple stores in multiple states.

Provides a rule based engine and user friendly work bench for adding, removing and updating time and attendance rules, giving you the ability to evaluate the impact when changes are made.


time-n-attendance-complianceManages complex rules, including vacation bidding, FLSA compliance, minor employee labor laws, federal, state and local specific labor laws, safety requirements and multiple school calendars.

Processes all time entries and edits in real-time across your organization, to enhance your ability to dynamically manage your labor resources.

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