Labor Management 101


This course provides a broad overview of Labor Management topics and best practices for improving productivity through the application of industrial engineering principles and system based solutions to support business processes around forecasting volumes, quantifying staff demand, optimized scheduling, and effective operations management.

Topics discussed may be applicable to other systems, but are specifically designed to promote the understanding of how Logile utilizes engineered labor standards within our ESM™ standards repository and ELM™ labor model. Logile’s approach is designed to create clear understanding of how time is earned and operationalized through forecasting, scheduling and performance reporting.

Topics Covered

Approaches to labor management

Labor Management and Change Management

Understanding productivity: utilization, methods & performance

5-S as a foundation for standards and continuous improvement

Understanding best methods and engineered labor standards

Labor modeling for store specific standards

Logile forecasting for budgets, period plans and weekly schedules

Logile task level demand and scheduling for all departments

Labor metrics, reports, and exception based dashboard reporting

Logile Task Management for communication and compliance

Operations Management functionality for week-in-progress support

Logile Time and Attendance & Employee Self Service functionality

Mobile functionality options to support managers on the sales floor

Intended Audience

Retail Labor Management Analysts, Engineers and Managers engaged in multi-store productivity improvement or continuous improvement work.

Retail Labor Directors or Vice Presidents tasked with overseeing or updating labor systems and practices.

Other Retail Finance, Merchandising or Operations Leaders working to understand and integrate labor performance and improvements into company best practices for operational excellence.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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